240Hz LCD TVs get us closer to our goal of viewing a moving image on television that looks as natural and as fluid as possible.  120hz technology was a big step in figuring how to eliminate the biggest flaw and disadvantage in LCD technology in comparision to plamsa TVs which have some of their own shortcomings.

When trying to figure out what 240Hz technology is, the best advice we can give is not to over think it.  As a consumer, all you really have to know is as the technology improves there more happening between the actual frames to “smooth out” the motion.

There are even 240Hz developments in the works that won’t be out for even a couple more years like Samsung’s “Blue Phase” LCDs.  These LCDs will be able to reach a 240 Hz refresh rate without the need for an overdrive circuit which what powers today’s LCDs to 120 Hz.

Get excited TV technology will continue to improve every year.  Just don’t let it slow you down from getting a LCD TV in the near future.  Otherwise, you’ll never get one.  It’s just like the computer industry in the way.  Get one now so you can enjoy it while all of your other friends wait until “such and such” comes out.

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